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Who Targets Who? And Who Targets You?

According to a recent survey by Appcelerator and IDC Apple is leading the enterprise app space. This is because, according to the survey, businesses are concerned over Android's fragmentation, apparent higher malware possibility and other factors. The Appcelerator/IDC second quarter 2012 report surveyed 3,632 developers from all over the world. 53.2 percent of the developers feel iOS will win the enterprise market, while 37,5 percent say it will be Android. 

In three quarters Apple has taken 16 points, from a time when developers were split between the two at 44 percent each. Is this a time for Windows Phone to take a slice of that enterprise market Microsoft likes so much? Probably. According to the report, developers are pretty keen in getting their hands on developing something in Windows 8; 33.3 percent of them say so. According to IDC, this is a pretty strong number for a platform that is not even out there yet. RIM's BlackBerry 10 platform is also not doing very well. Falling from 40 percent to 24 percent between the first and second quarter of 2012. All of this may be giving Microsoft the chance to take second place on the enterprise space from Android. However, this is probably not surprising news. 

Apple's strict guidelines for apps in the AppStore and the tendency of developers and customers finding iOS' UI patterns highly usable and intuitive make Apple's iOS an ideal platform for developing enterprise applications that are simple to use. On the other hand IT Managers will probably worry about Android more because it's a much more open framework, where fragmentation and malware has happened more than in iOS. If we're talking about winning, in our opinion is that in the long run Microsoft will win the enterprise market, Apple will win the "general" consumer market and Android will win the more "gadget-oriented" market. Of course, life is not always win or lose. There will always be cases for each platform. Situations where an enterprise app fits better built in iOS, a game fits better in Windows Phone 8, etc. Each platform has its pros and cons, which must be weighed in on each application that you are going to undertake. 

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Friday, 04 December 2020

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