By Alejandro Vásquez on Tuesday, 12 September 2017
Category: Software Development

Are US Companies Hiring Software Developers in Latin America Directly?

Probably sometimes, but whether this is recommended or not as a strategy to get more miles-to-the-dollar for your engineering talent (working with a freelancer versus working with an established software services firm) will depend.

I have been in the software services industry in Latin America for 15 years and can certainly share some pointers that apply to hiring nearshore talent in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico or Latin America in general.

Let's consider three scenarios:

Hiring Freelance: If you have a small project in mind, you could certainly hire a freelance engineer one-off. There are plenty of sites that allow you to search for freelance talent in the LATAM region (Guru - Hire Quality Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs, Freelancer - Hire & Find Jobs - Encontrá freelancers y trabajo freelance en Latinoamérica and Workana are some). As is usual, these sites provide ratings for each individual, giving you some assurance that you will land a reasonably responsible engineer at a fair price. However:

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Setting up a company to hire talent directly: For larger projects or longer term engagements, some companies venture into creating a legal entity in a nearshore country and hiring local resources directly. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this approach:

Partnering with a qualified software services vendor: This option involves choosing a partner with an established reputation in a nearshore location, and having the partner select and deploy a team to develop your project or enhance your engineering bandwidth for the long-term.


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