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PSL Makes IAOP’s The Best of the GO100 List

A year after making its debut on the GO100 list in 2018, PSL is once again recognized by IAOP® as one of the best among the Global Outsourcing 100 list.

This year, IAOP® is celebrating 10 years of recognizing the world's top outsourcing service providers and advisors. To mark this important milestone, they launched a special program: The Best of The GO100. For this list, rather than take new applications, IAOP featured outstanding companies from previous editions of the GO100. The Best of the GO100 looks to showcase companies that have stood out from previous editions and highlight the top companies within an already select group.

Only a year after being named to the Global Outsourcing 100 list, PSL was once again selected by to the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)'s exclusive ranking. This recognition highlights PSL's proven excellence in client partnerships, customer service, and corporate social responsibility.

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PSL's High Marks 

 When PSL was first selected to be part of the GO100 2018, the company received notable stars in the following areas:

  • Customer References
    Company's ability to meet or exceed its clients' expectations in software outsourcing.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Recognition for relevant organizational certifications received by the company.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Emphasizes a commitment to community and responsible business practices.

All these areas are supported by a series of internal programs to help our employees, clients, and community learn and grow continually.

PSL Programs 

In 2019, PSL is looking to forge ahead with programs meant to encourage the participation of women in technology, incentivize innovation to provide solutions to real-world problems and continue to promote education within the region.  

Women in Tech

PSL's program to empower women in technology was born as a female-led initiative to increase the number of females in engineering roles, and expose girls to science, math and engineering. They serve as mentors and organize workshops, conferences, and other events within larger engineering conferences. PSL volunteers teach college-level courses, arrange visits with high school and university students, and coordinate hackathons with visitors to PSL.

PSL Labs

Innovation has always been essential for PSL, which is why championing and developing new ideas is a core component of our philosophy. PSL Labs serves as a center for employees and PSL community members to pitch, evaluate, test and iterate their innovative ideas, in hopes of forming truly groundbreaking solutions to real-world problems in software outsourcing and more.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

PSL was founded with the mission of positively impacting the people, companies, and communities with whom it works. That's why corporate social responsibility programs are an essential part of the work we do. PSL works to elevate people in Colombia and Latin America through educational programs with universities, tech meetups, and student visits (both on a university and high school level).

Moving Forward in 2019

 Constantly working to improve ourselves is a collective duty that we take very seriously. In 2019, PSL intends to make strides in developing our capabilities, expanding our skill set, empowering our female employees, elevating innovative ideas, and giving back to our community.

Discover how PSL can leverage world-class resources to help your company meet its technology development goals.

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