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BA and UX: Driving Innovation Through Collaboration

It's not uncommon in offshore software development to come across two roles that seem to have absolutely nothing in common. Or so you think. Upon closer inspection, you actually find that they're much more similar than they seemed at first glance. Such is the case with User Experience (UX) designers and the Business Analysts (BA). So...
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PSL's Daily Standup with David Franco

"We know that there are a lot of challenges, but there are also a lot of exciting new things we get to do and a lot of things we can learn at PSL." — David Franco Chica, UX Designer at PSL PSL is a company that prides itself on creating a work environment that inspires and motivates employees. SInce our founding, PSL has maintained strong ...
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5 Lesser-Known User Experience Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your App

With the abundance of user feedback available to everyone on app stores, online forums, and social media, your company's mobile and web apps face continuous scrutiny, meaning that user experience (UX) design more important than ever for maintaining a reputation for quality. There are some common UX design mistakes that are easily avoided, such as o...
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4 Reasons Why Performance Engineering Is Vital for your Business

 Performance engineering is about much more than just ensuring software functionality. As modern technologies have continued to advance along with customer expectations, developing successful software programs and applications now means much more than just writing bug-free code. There is now a much higher demand for user-friendl...
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