PSL VP of Business Development Chats with The Sociable's Editor in Chief, on Agile Best Practices.

The Sociable's Editor in Chief, Tim Hinchliffe, talks with the director of Marketing and Business Development at PSL, about good practices in agile development and the experience of PSL as a leader in the export of software development services.  ​ Can you tell us a little bit about what PSL does, what it stands for, a little bit of background...
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Going Agile? Here’s Why You Should Choose the Right Framework for the Job

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The Agile Manifesto Outlines the Core Tenets, But Each Framework Is Still Different The Agile Manifesto is what sets the core principles for several methodologies in existence. All of them have this in common, while the methodology itself is a unique application designed for the organization that is deploying it. The manifesto was created in 2001 ,...
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