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PSL’s Daily Stand up with Catalina Soto

"I think that the work that we've done in terms of performance engineering has been so interesting, and it's still a challenge to improve our process even further; to try to collect and analyze all the results from performance tests and different implementations, and truly provide business value to client projects" — Catalina Soto, Performance Engi...
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Is Your Company Doing Performance Engineering or Performance Testing?

As performance engineering gains traction in software development, it's important for companies— even smaller ones—to pay attention to the differences between performance engineering and performance testing. With even small-scale e-commerce standing to lose 7% in annual sales for just 1 second page delays , organizations need to take steps towards ...
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Using Machine Learning to Detect Anomalies in Performance Engineering

We depend on large scale systems. Google, Facebook, and Amazon are just a few examples of data centers made up of thousands of machines running complex software applications. Making sure they run smoothly requires high availability, responsiveness, and close monitoring—a task that's become even more critical in recent years. With the processing for...
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4 Reasons Why Performance Engineering Is Vital for your Business

 Performance engineering is about much more than just ensuring software functionality. As modern technologies have continued to advance along with customer expectations, developing successful software programs and applications now means much more than just writing bug-free code. There is now a much higher demand for user-friendl...
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