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Medellin Named Nearshore Outsourcing Destination of the Year

Everybody's talking about Medellin these days and for good reason. The city is no stranger to accolades like the Lee Kuan Yew World City Award, the World Travel Awards leading destination in South America, and the Bravo award for most Transformational City of the Year by Council of the Americas. Not surprisingly, Medellin has recently added another...
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Why Outsourcing to Colombia Makes Sense

When you think about your ideal outsourcing location, what comes to mind? You'd want proximity for on-site visits and efficient communication; you'd also want a highly talented workforce to help you elevate your projects; you'd want to be able to cut costs without sacrificing quality, and you'd want a team you can communicate with easily in your ow...
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The Value of Nearshore Software Development Opportunities: Innovation & Performance

The typical mindset when considering IT outsourcing partners is to look far away, but it may be more beneficial to find a neighboring team through nearshore opportunities and not just because of the usual benefits.  There's no debating the value of outsourcing as it pertains to software development. In the NextGen Global Outsourcing Survey con...
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