Nearshoring Starter Kit: Tools for Successful Software Outsourcing

So, you've taken the first step towards entering into a nearshoring partnership engagement. Congrats! The decision to outsource is probably not one you took lightly, but you can rest easy knowing that you'll soon reap benefits such as added flexibility to scale your team up or down, access to expert resources from around the globe, and lowered cost...
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The Value of Nearshore Software Development Opportunities: Innovation & Performance

The typical mindset when considering IT outsourcing partners is to look far away, but it may be more beneficial to find a neighboring team through nearshore opportunities and not just because of the usual benefits.  There's no debating the value of outsourcing as it pertains to software development. In the NextGen Global Outsourcing Survey con...
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Featured Post: Why Offshoring Software Does Not Work in the Agile Age

These days, even refrigerators can be programmed to tell you when you're running low on a certain food or when something has expired. Washing machines, coffee makers and toasters all use software to bring a more connected experience to their users. And a lot of the technology being developed today is targeting large-scale problems, too. Artificial ...
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