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Maximize Nearshore Outsourcing Results with Effective Leadership

Achieving high employee engagement is more important than ever. Statistics show that engaged teams will achieve 21% greater profitability and are 17% more productive. They also make fewer mistakes and are more innovative. But what does employee engagement have to do with nearshore outsourcing teams? By outsourcing your IT software development, you ...
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How to Lead from Afar: Managing Your Nearshore Software Development Team

Leadership is going through a bit of a crisis these days. 83% of organizations say it's important to develop leaders at all levels, but only 5% have fully implemented development initiatives or activities. Leaders play a critical role in companies; not just on a strategic level but also by providing valuable guidance and motivation to employees, se...
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Centers for Excellence in Software Development

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We're seeing a boost in the adoption of CoEs as a new software development and efficiency strategy. But, is it right for your organization?  Rooted in academic and medical environments, centers of excellence — also called competency or capability centers — are hubs of creativity and innovation. They are, for all intents and purposes, a collect...
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