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PSL Software Outsourcing Team: Spotlight on Career Growth with Diana Davila

PSL Career Growth with Diana Davila
We're back with a new series of videos, putting the spotlight on what it's like to work at PSL and showcasing the talented members of #TeamPSL. We recognize the opportunity we have to help our employees find meaningful lives through what they do, so ...
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Employee Training and Development Innovations at PSL

As new technology penetrates every industry at an unstoppable rate, companies often find it difficult to train their employees at the same pace. Business leaders are under enormous pressure to empower their workforce with the necessary technological ...
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The Importance of Strong Employee Development Programs

employee development in nearshore outsourcing
Employee attrition is a serious issue in IT and software development. Rising salaries and increasing demand are giving experienced and qualified IT workers more options to choose from, so companies are forced to explore non-traditional ways to overco...
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