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Turning DevOps Misconceptions into Opportunities in Colombia’s Software Outsourcing Industry

With its increasing popularity in the world of software outsourcing, DevOps has quickly become one of those trendy industry buzzwords that overshadow the nature of its true value. According to PSL's resident DevOps expert, Juan Ruiz, Colombia's software development talent pool has recently been driven by the buzzword instead of the cultural philoso...
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PSL’s First Free Node.js Workshop Was a Resounding Success!

Technology is a constantly evolving sector and our professionals are constantly analyzing, evaluating, implementing and adopting new frameworks, technologies and more in their own projects. But, they also find inspiration and a sense of purpose in sharing their findings with people outside the organization. This is exactly why we put together our f...
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Colombia & IoT: Featuring Sebastian Velez, Head of Technology at PSL

This article first appeared in Nearshore Americas , by Matt Kendall.  Key technology stakeholders in Colombia are driven by the huge potential of IoT, developing a growing ecosystem that is positioning the country at the vanguard of IoT development in the region. At an estimated approximate value of US$170 billion in 2017, the global Internet ...
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