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Boost Cloud Security in Offshore Software Development Projects

The cloud has changed the business landscape by enabling collaboration on a completely new level, which has resulted in massive leaps in creativity and innovation. Companies can now build teams of highly qualified professionals without worrying about geographical limitations. Organizations no longer need to invest heavily in IT hardware, which impl...
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Choosing Between Serverless and Containers

Companies looking for a cloud solution that allows them to write and deploy code quickly without having to worry about infrastructure will find an ideal alternative in serverless computing. But, that's not the only option available. Other companies may find that containers offer similar levels of flexibility without as many of the restrictions that...
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5 Tips for Owning Your Cloud Security

As cloud expands and evolves, so does the need for customers and providers to work together to ensure data is stored safely and securely. The rise of cloud-native environments brings with it a series of new challenges that make collaboration even more relevant. Security has jumped to the forefront of priorities for IT and cloud projects in the...
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