Blockchain Part 2: How It's being used

Now that you have a better idea of what blockchain technology actually is, we want to outline how organizations and individuals are using it. The case studies below help to illustrate just how disruptive this technology can be to a number of industries, and how it's providing greater security and control over exchanges.  How is blockchain bein...
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Blockchain Part 1 | An Intro to Blockchain Technologies

Before it completely changes the world around you, you need to better understand blockchain technology, what it is, and why it matters.  Blockchain technology is essentially a digital, decentralized public ledger that will transform the world as we know it in many ways. And you will be forgiven for thinking this was nothing more than hype, as ...
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Colombia & IoT: Featuring Sebastian Velez, Head of Technology at PSL

This article first appeared in Nearshore Americas , by Matt Kendall.  Key technology stakeholders in Colombia are driven by the huge potential of IoT, developing a growing ecosystem that is positioning the country at the vanguard of IoT development in the region. At an estimated approximate value of US$170 billion in 2017, the global Internet ...
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