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Latest entries

Latest Entries

Performance Engineering Practices Improve Systems Performance by 200% in 6 Months

Performance Engineering Case Study Results 200% performance improvement incritical cases in 6 monthsFully automated testing allows for over 300 test executions a day Issues are flagged at the beginning of the software development ...
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PSL’s Performance Tool Drives Innovation and Reduces Data Processing Time from Days to Minutes

Performance Tool Case Study Results Can process data from several performance robots, including JMeter and GatlingProcesses SAR and Perfmon logsCustomizable graphics to fit specific requirementsReduces data processing timesEasy-to-unde...
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IT Outsourcing: Automated Security Testing Best Practices

Implementing automated security testing throughout the development lifecycle is critical to avoid major problems further down the line. However, when resorting to IT outsourcing, some organizations treat deliverables as separate from their normal pip...
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