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Latest Entries

Never miss a beat as we bring you trending topics in software development, outsourcing, leadership, and tech disciplines like DevOps, machine learning, performance and much more.

DevOps Opportunities in Colombian Software Outsourcing

With its increasing popularity in the world of software outsourcing, DevOps has quickly become one of those trendy industry buzzwords that overshadow the nature of its true value. According to PSL's resident DevOps expert, Juan Ruiz, Colombia's softw...
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PSL's Software Outsourcing Team Spotlight: Ana Aramburo

"PSL is innovative in its constant search to be better and to help those who want to be better, to find new paths, unexplored methods, challenges, and face them with determination." — Ana Lucia Aramburo, Chief Administrative Officer at PSLPSL's ...
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Multi-channel Chatbot Automates Interactions with up to 3,000 Users a Month

Chatbot Case Study Results Multi-channel chatbot accessible through Facebook and WhatsApp resolves 42 requests per hourSupports 14 complex dialogsEmploys custom entities detection algorithmSpanish chat interface with option to expand into E...
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