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Latest Entries

Never miss a beat as we bring you trending topics in software development, outsourcing, leadership, and tech disciplines like DevOps, machine learning, performance and much more.

How PSL Uses Performance Engineering to Deliver Top-Quality Software

Here at PSL, one of our secret weapons for delivering world-class software is performance engineering, a discipline that requires a broad focus on product performance during the entire software development lifecycle in nearshore outsourcing.The ...
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Why Nearshore Outsourcing Is an Effective Route to Agile Development

The outsourcing market is undergoing constant evolution. Traditionally, cost reduction was the key driver for software development outsourcing, but now it doesn't even make the top five, according to Deloitte's 2018 Global Outsourcing Survey. Instead...
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PSL's Software Outsourcing Team Spotlight: Ximena Echeverri

 PSL senior software developer, Ximena Echeverri, joined us for a chat about the evolution of PSL's Software Girls into Women in Tech and what she likes most about working with PSL. She's got some great advice for anyone thinking about working a...
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