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PSL Team Spotlight: Esteban Hernandez

"What gets me most excited is the idea that PSL's future is my future. I believe I can create a new future that will influence the future of PSL."

— Esteban Hernandez, Big Data Scientist at PSL

PSL is a purpose-driven software outsourcing company. We believe in positively impacting our clients, our employees, and our communities in a variety of ways. For PSL employees, that means being part of an environment that encourages continuous learning and growth and a company that commits to achieving excellence and innovation. Every individual has access to an array of resources, such as trainings, courses, guilds, mentors, and more, to drive their development and they can also gain new skills through PSL Labs, our research and development program. We look for outstanding professionals, but even better human beings.

PSL's success would not be possible without the help of each individual and the collective that is committed to delivering the very best in offshore software development to our clients. In this week's Daily Standup, we sat down one of our very talented engineers, Esteban Hernandez, to discuss his journey from Big Data Architect to team lead and understand how PSL looks to innovate.

Esteban Hernandez, Big Data Scientist at PSL

How long have you been working at a software outsourcing company and what is your role here?

I've been working at PSL for two years in June. My initial role was Big Data Architect, but as time went by, I took on leadership roles; not just in the technical side of the project, but also coaching. I help my team stay grounded and resolve issues in both technical and personal aspects.

How have you changed or grown in your role since you've joined PSL?

I've changed a lot and learned so much. I started in a project that had an initial vision that would change from time to time. In every meeting, we'd find we had a new vision altogether. We all grew as we learned to identify and align with client needs. Initially, the project called for some very technical skills to develop POCs and generate business value for our client. Later it became a task of bringing together a group of very skilled peopleto help the project grow. And, finally, it's become about maintaining this team of very talented people, keeping them motivated, making sure the team is efficient, and trying to align more and more with our client's vision. Or, alternatively, trying to not just solve specific problems, but participate in defining the vision with our client.

What gets you most excited about PSL's future?