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PSL Brings Software Development Expertise to NodeConf

This past weekend, Colombia played host to its first NodeJS focused event: NodeConf Colombia! International speakers and 350 attendees gathered to share insight and discuss the many opportunities NodeJS offers its practitioners and enthusiasts. 

Strengthening the Colombian NodeJS Community

NodeConf is a series of conferences held in locations around the world where prominent members of the tech community and interested newcomers gather to share their experiences around Node.JS-enabled technologies. This year, for the first time, Colombia hosted the Node.JS focused gathering for Node practitioners and enthusiasts. It brought together seasoned professionals, students and international speakers covering everything from improving javascript performance and continuous deployment to asynchronous programming and building scalable chatbots.

The event's second day featured back-to-back talks from international Node.JS experts, including Anna Henningsen, Matt Podwysocki, Andrea Griffiths and Tierney Cyren. The diverse group of speakers covered an array of topics surrounding the challenges and opportunities of Node.JS technology, from handling errors in JavaScript, the state of cryptography in Node.JS, to common JS antipatterns and leveraging automation to reduce vulnerabilities.

"I thought the talks and workshops were very interesting," says PSL backend programmer, Davinson Anaya. "I learned about a very interesting tool called N|Solid that allows you to visualize and improve your app's performance by making several petitions and seeing how the app responds. In fact, I think I might try applying it to some of my projects."

Bringing Our Offshore Software Development Skills to New Heights

Continuous learning and improvement are some of the core values for PSL and its employees. Every day we strive to be better than the day before, and we're constantly looking for opportunities to expand our skill set and our knowledge. For PSL, it's important to participate in tech community events, as our commitment to the societies we operate in is central to our company mission and purpose.

"At PSL, we support the transmission of advanced tech knowledge. We're promoters of networking in technology, supporting the communities in their growth to gain presence from Colombia to the global stage, and sharing our world-class expertise in tandem with the events' many international speakers," says Carolina Contreras, Director of Outstanding People & Talent Resourcing at PSL.

Around 10 software engineers, from junior developers to tech leads and heads of departments, participated in the various workshops and talks, effectively expanding their skill set and sharing their expertise, taking part of the lively discussions and running a workshop on building scalable and multilanguage chatbots leveraging node.JS technology.

Sharing Our Chatbot Expertise from a Highly Successful Software Outsourcing Experience

For this event, PSL contributed to the Node.JS community with a comprehensive workshop on building scalable and multilanguage chatbots from scratch, led by PSL software engineer and tech lead, David Sanchez. In the session, David tackled the main concepts behind building a scalable and multilanguage chatbot for customer service and other industries, gradually working in different options, platforms and even levels of artificial intelligence through the use of natural language processing.

"The talk was very interesting," commented Margarita Hoyos, Tech Lead at PSL. "They showed us different technologies in which we can apply machine-human interaction and make it seem very natural. And it was explained to us in a very simple and easy-to-understand way."

Attendees also had the opportunity to build their own chatbot with David's guidance, exploring the different ways to develop their agent's functions and the possible hurdles or roadblocks developers face when programming these types of developments. The workshop helped expand the community's perspective on the different applications of node.JS and how various concepts like artificial intelligence can be implemented to create sophisticated systems

At NodeConf Colombia's conclusion, over 350 attendees left with greater knowledge received from the hands of more than 10 world-renowned speakers and practical experience from 6 practical workshops. PSL is proud to have been part of the first in what promises to be an incredibly enrichening series of conferences on node.JS for the Colombian tech community. We believe that promoting these kinds of events as great opportunities for node experts and interested parties to learn, discuss and advance the technological landscape in Colombia and Latin America, and are eager to participate in upcoming conferences and events.

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Guest - Jhonny on Wednesday, 26 June 2019 10:12

Already had a great experience with that talks of PSL for NodeConf ??????

Already had a great experience with that talks of PSL for NodeConf ??????
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