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Featured Post: Intercultural Communications in Software Outsourcing

This is an excerpt from an article that first appeared on Clutch.co, written by Camilo Gómez.

Camilo Gomez, Director of Business Development at PSL, shares insights gained from years of working with North American clients. These experiences have allowed him to become familiar with the many nuances in communication that come up when working with different cultures. He's gathered tips for overcoming cultural barriers and ensuring smooth communications in outsourced software development engagements, which he shares in today's article published by Clutch.

Outsourcing software development has never been easier for companies looking to build cutting-edge technologies and launch state-of-the-art applications and platforms.

In fact, among large companies, the average percentage allocated to outsourcing in IT budgets rose in 2018. While more advanced technologies, cloud capabilities, and collaboration tools continue to evolve to make transnational software development viable, human factors may still present the greatest challenge to outsourced engagements.

Understanding Cultural Differences

Though not entirely conscious, cross-cultural teams are set against sharp contrasts in fields s