By PSL Corp on Friday, 12 January 2018
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5 Ways to Ensure a Successful Outsourcing Partnership in 2018

So, the contracts have been signed and your team has met the outsourcing team on a short visit to their office in Colombia. It might be tempting to think the project is completely in the hands of your outsourcing partner, but it's not quite time to relax yet. As you and your outsourcing partner ramp up your engagement it's vital for both teams to remain vigilant. To help guide a successful partnership in 2018, and start the year off right, here are some tips for building and maintaining a strong outsourcing partnership.

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Successful partnerships take time to get right, but with an eye for the things above, you'll find yourself reaching success much faster and probably with a cutting-edge MVP to boot. 

About PSL: A leading software development outsourcing firm in Latin America, PSL has distinguished itself by successfully solving complex engineering challenges that incorporate big data, machine learning and DevOps, among other cutting-edge practices. Through open and transparent long-term partnerships, PSL works as an integrated partner for the client's engineering teams by utilizing a nearshore, same time-zone service delivery model.

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