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Why PSL?

We love challenges! We work every day to grow both personally and professionally and professionally. We are differente:
Continuous learning
We provide coaching, training for English and offer Leadership programs. You’ll grow as much as you want.
Big challenges
World-class business challenges. You can work with Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 companies using cutting-edge technology.
Flexibility and Empowerment
You can define your schedule as you work in self-managed teams.
Your ideas are valued
Being a PSL team member means you’ll be part of an “open-door” company where your ideas are valued, ensuring we improve together.
From Colombia to the Word
We love our country, so we work hard to be the very best in the IT Industry. We partner with international companies to develop and deliver the best software, straight from Colombia to the world.
We care about you!
We’ve developed strategic partnerships with different companies to make your life easier and happier.

Our Team talks to you: But, don’t take our word for it, hear it straight from PSL employees.

business analyst Laura Navarro

Business Analyst

Working at PSL is the best! It always feels like home. They are always taking care of me and boosting my professional and personal growth. What I most love of PSL is that people does matter.

Software developer Ximena Echeverri

Software Developer

I've found working at PSL very motivating, people in here is always thinking on our wellbeing. PSL really want us to do what makes us happy.

Ux specialist David Franco

UX Specialist

Working at PSL has been a very rewarding experience since you have to keep your knowledge updated. This is something that has helped my professional growth immensely.

Scrum master Amaury Biquet

Scrum Master

Working at PSL has been very interesting, we are always working on leading-edge technologies. Our customer and team management practices are always trendy.

Product Owner Juan Valencia

Product Owner

I have been working with PSL for 3 years, in this time I have has the opportunity to be part of different projects, always working roles related to my professional preferences. I have had also the opportunity to learn about different customers, business and methodologies which has filled me with great professional and personal growth.

Marketing Director Alejandro Vásquez

Marketing Director

Working at PSL is a great opportunity to learn. PSL has always had a people-focused, respectful and professionally curious atmosphere. I have been working at PSL for more than 7 years and I still wake up excited, thinking about the different challenges that we are facing and the lessons that we will learn. I feel proud to be part of this company which partners with world-class IT companies, we’re in the big leagues.