Corporate Social Responsibility

Transforming Communities. Impacting the World.

Corporate social responsibility in tech starts with the PSL community

Software can be an incredibly transformative force in the development of communities. PSL is uniquely positioned to expand the reach of this transformation in the countries where we operate.

PSL Employees

  • Ours is an environment in which all employees are valued, respected, heard, supported, and free from discrimination.

  • We commit to employing people responsibly.

  • We strongly adhere to the employment laws and regulations of the countries where we work.

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Inclusive CSR Programs

  • 23.7% of engineers at PSL are women. We are committed to increasing that percentage in our community as well as our company.
  • PSL Women in Tech is an initiative to bring together everyone to create innovative solutions to elevate underrepresented groups regardless of gender, identification, race or orientation, with a focus on women.
  • PSL champions an environment in which all people are valued, and communication is open and based on trust.
  • As our culture outlines, we value ideas over positions or hierarchies, and promote the empowerment, self-determination and autonomy of groups.
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of religious, political, ethnic, sexual, gender, age or disability.

Community Development

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PSL practices social responsibility through the direct involvement in community initiatives where we work in Medellin, Cali, Bogota, and Mexico City.

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All of our programs are run by volunteers who believe in the power of impacting and inspiring through technology.

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We advocate for recruiting talent from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities.

PSL's CSR Activities in Tech

PSL taught University classes

Technology meetups and conference sponsorships


  • PSL Verde: environmental program to reduce the degradation of ecosystems and strengthen our commitment to sustainable development.
  • Initiatives include integrated waste management, contaminated materials disposal, battery disposal, resource optimization, and carbon footprint mitigation.
1,822 trees planted to offset carbon production in 2016
Waste sorting containers distributed throughout all PSL locations
Waste reduction measures, including reusable or biodegradable versions of containers.

The Whole Picture


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