We run Quality Assurance in all our projects from their moment of inception

Dedicated Quality Assurance teams

Our nearshore quality assurance teams are deployed from day one, and work hand in hand with product owners and development engineers.


Our QA engineers are full-fledged coders. They know how to automate and can help your application catch up on test coverage.

Component-level automatic testing

Our automation is sophisticated and robust. We can work under the hood to automate tests at different levels of abstraction to speed up your deployments and reduce the time and cost of regression testing.

Performance testing

We have experts at understanding the breaking points of your application. We further identify with you what can be done to harden it to support demanding security and performance scenarios.

Vulnerability testing

Our quality assurance teams can help you test and find security vulnerabilities via white-hat hacking.

Automated UI testing

We try to keep manual testing to a minimum. We use code robots to automate your front-end testing and hence speed quality assurance tasks involving your front-end.

At PSL, Quality Assurance roles are never “second-tier”. Some of our best software engineers develop thriving careers with us in the field of QA.

Quality Assurance principles we hold dear:

  • Quality Assurance is not something you “save for later” or “do at the end”.

    QA has to run simultaneously to all development and ideation tasks in the software lifecycle.

  • Quality Assurance is not the responsibility of the “QA team” alone.

    Every member of the team has to be aware of how his or her activities impact quality. Quality Assurance is a collective responsibility!

  • QA automation is a critical component in “paying back your technical debt”.

    Don’t let budgets “forget” the criticality of investing in QA!