Inspired by people. Driven by values.

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Our purpose-driven approach means building an impactful culture based on strong values. We do our best to actively adhere to those principles every day.

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PSL is a purpose-driven technology company.


We strive to be so much more than just an
IT outsourcing company.

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Our purpose and aspirations define why we exist as an organization.

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For us, success is about positively impacting the communities where we operate.

We strive to create a community
where everyone is an ambassador of
our culture and leads by example.

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Culture is not just a set of theoretical statements. Culture must be reflected in the day-to-day behavior of all participants.

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We believe culture should be shared and discussed with every single person in our organization.

We move beyond the expectations of normal
IT outsourcing companies. and put culture first.

PSL’s Values


Positive Contributions

Purpose always comes first.

Our primary aim is to support and positively impact clients, employees, and communities more broadly.


Feedback is expected and valued.

We keep an open mind to all new ideas and perspectives. We aim to be constantly improving.


Improvement is not a sprint.

It is a continuous process that requires continuous commitment. Everyday we work to be better than we were the day before.


Innovation drives evolution.

We are constantly working towards progress - better services, improved methodologies, and superior technology, but more importantly, better ways to make a positive difference in the world.


Doing the right thing is mandatory.

It isn’t about doing the profitable thing or the easiest thing. This is never up for debate.

PSL is more than just a place to work.

We want our people to enjoy coming to PSL everyday.

Together we aim to build an environment of openness, creativity, and honesty. We think we’ve done a pretty good job so far, but we are always looking to improve.

Are you ready to work with us?

Our clients are some of the most disruptive names in technology, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to pioneering startups internationally and nationally. Whatever the case, you’ll be working on complex engineering challenges with world-class teams.
PSL maintains robust personal and professional training programs featuring unique learning initiatives, like lunch and learns, study groups, conversation meetups, specialized courses, and a variety of tools and resources for self-driven training. We value life-long learners and do our best to address every style of learner.
We are driven by results, not strict time schedules. Your time is yours to manage. We trust our employees to do so responsibly.
Innovation starts with PSL Labs where we research and build innovative solutions to complex problems and work to promote impactful community initiatives.
PSL offers competitive compensation that reflects the current cost of living in the city where you work.
We also adhere to the rules and regulations of employing people in all the countries where we work.
You drive your career, we provide the resources you need to make it happen. You will have the opportunity to focus on a variety of different projects and areas in which you want to develop.
PSL is a community of lifelong learners intent on sharing and growing. You’ll have access to that community and opportunities to work and learn from mentors and coaches.
As individuals we are socially responsible citizens, as a collective we are a socially responsible organization.
From workshops and courses to lunch and learns and digital libraries, we have what you need to boost your skills. If we don’t have it, just ask for it.
PSL’s philosophy is to create a space that encourages collaboration and ideation. The walls and desks are whiteboards, so you never lack space to express yourself. We’ve also set aside private space for meetings, phone calls and intense work sessions.
We partner with gyms and fitness programs to help you stay fit, affordably.

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We are driven, hard-working individuals that enjoy a good challenge and revel in the opportunity to excel and positively impact the communities where we work.

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