Agile is easy to understand but difficult to master. Our agile services incorporate sophisticated, world-leading tools that support the software life-cycle, giving great transparency and real-time traceability to the engineering process.

Agile software engineering teams mindful of best practices


We deploy top-quartile, agile-trained, engineering teams who work hand in hand with you to accelerate the release of relevant software for your business.

Extreme Programming Practices

We embrace extreme programming practices to complement our agile approach to software development outsourcing projects. Key practices such as collective code ownership, pair programming, test-driven development, continuous integration and refactoring are embedded within our process in order to improve software quality, reliability, stability and maintainability.

Continuous Deployment / DevOps

We take the pain away from delivering incremental functionality to your end client. Our implementation ensures a tight integration between the provisioning of cloud-infrastructure and the constant delivery of functionality to production.

Best-in-class agile toolsets to support the software life-cycle

Using Jira, TFS and other leading tools, our agile software life-cycle is constantly monitored and shared with our clients. Thus, clients are able to monitor real-time burn-down charts, product back-log, all code repositories, and automatic testing libraries, among others.

Quality and agile development go hand in hand. There is nothing more frustrating than iterating quickly, only to find that your user-base is frustrated because your weekly sprint release submitted for beta testing was mired with bugs.

Agile software development principles we hold dear:

  • We communicate constantly to become a real extension of your team --you will know what is going on in real time, and have full access to our code. We encourage you to participate in our:

    Daily sprints
    Weekly retrospectives
    Weekly product demos

  • Successful agility requires committed and available product ownership.

    As a customer, you will exercise product ownership on all aspects of the software engineering project. We complement your expertise by deploying nearshore agile teams that channel your business needs into high-quality code.

  • We monitor and adjust our process to fit the particularities of each client:

    Our promise is to adjust to fit your requirements, while all the while maintaining the software development process and monitoring that makes us successful.
    We have developed special methodologies to help clients that are new to agile implement SCRUM within their organizations in a painless manner.

Agile and continuous deployment / DevOps go hand in hand: there is no sense in going agile if your end-customer cannot experience virtually “bug-free” constant upgrades in functionality.

Over 15 years of experience with agile software development:

  • PSL was an agile pioneer in Latin America: we started going agile in 2002 and are now fully SCRUM / XP / Kanban oriented.

  • Over 300 agile software projects delivered to date. Our agile projects have been as large as 90+ engineers, or as small as two.

  • Wide experience working with North America: We typically work with technology-leading agile clients in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in North America. 60% of our software engineering client base is located in the US and Canada.