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PSL Team: Spotlight on Career Growth with Diana Davila

We're back with a new series of videos, putting the spotlight on what it's like to work at PSL and showcasing the talented members of #TeamPSL. We recognize the opportunity we have to help our employees find meaningful lives through what they do, so we do our best to foster a community where we take a holistic approach towards development by putting people first and remaining values driven. However, that goal is only made possible because of the 720 employees at PSL that actively engage with and contribute to our community and our purpose.

As we continue to expand our team, it´s important that candidates have a clear vision of what it means to be part of the PSL community and the opportunities available to them while at PSL. For example, in terms of training and development, PSL provides a continuous growth and development environment, digital and physical resources to help you learn new skills, track the ones you already have, and always adapt to the latest in technology and software development. 

Training and Development at PSL

Vital to the growth of PSL as an organization, is the development of our employees. In order to amplify and strengthen development initiatives, PSL is committed to providing all the resources and support we can to ensure the continuous development of our employees, both personally and professionally.

Our intention is to move beyond the normal and outdated training activities and give employee access to exciting ways to develop new skills while at the same time, make a difference. We do our best to measure and evaluate the things that work best, consider the feedback from those participating, and highlight suggestions from those that feel their needs aren't being addressed with the current offerings.

In 2018, PSL employees completed over 87,000 hours of training and development. Employees participated in events like lunch and learns, online and in-person courses, guilds, workshops and conferences, mentorships and coaching, the shadow program, programming challenges and more. 

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PSL Guilds

The PSL Guilds are a unique way for PSL experts and interested parties to meet and lead the charge of distributing best practices and relevant information across the organization and teams. These guilds offer spaces for people to share and contribute to different themes and work to meet 4 clear objectives, including designing and implementing training, ensuring consistency across clients, leading research and development initiatives, and growing the discipline.

Currently, PSL has guilds in:

  • DevOps
  • Automation
  • Performance Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Agile Mindset
  • IoT
  • UX

Spotlight on Career Growth at PSL 

In this video, Diana Davila, QA Analyst, outlines her career shift from working as a client experience analyst to entering the world of engineering.

PSL Software Outsourcing Team Interview

Hi, I'm Diana Davila, I've been working for PSL for four years now and I am a QA analyst right now.

How have you transitioned in your role at PSL?

I started working here as a customer experience analyst. I was in that position for two years and after that, the company gave me the chance to start working as a QA analyst. I've been doing that for one year and a half. I'm very happy for changing. It's very challenging, but very rewarding. I had to start learning from scratch, but I'm very happy I did it.

What makes you most excited to come to work everyday?

People are amazing here, I have a lot of friends here. The environment is very nice, you can learn about new stuff every day you come. You have the chance to be in very interesting projects from international projects. I mean you have the chance sometimes to travel to the client's offices, so that's very nice.

What is your favorite memory from PSL?

When I decided to change the role because I just wanted to be more involved in the engineering side. And, even though I'm not an engineer, I wanted to learn and I think if you are able, and you really want to do it and you have the company's support to do it, you can get it, you can get everything you want.


Does Diana's story resonate with you? Are you looking to evolve your career? Check out our open positions.

About PSL

PSL, a nearshore software development organization, operates at the intersection of drive, quality and innovation. Our goal is to help you achieve your technology vision by embodying a delivery-focused mindset supported by over 30 years of proven experience and nearshore proximity.

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