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Embracing Digital Disruption in the Business World

This article first appeared in The Startup Magazine written by Conrad Egusa.

Technology has become so disruptive in the business world that sometimes its exact purpose can be forgotten. From marketing to product development, to new software tools and communications, the list is almost endless as to the digital transformations taking place.

While disruption can be scary at first, it is absolutely necessary for any entrepreneurial aspiration. Here's how these three companies are embracing digital disruption that also satisfies a range of business needs.

Everypixel: Everypixel is an image search engine for quality stock images. 

They have programmed a neural network to create an aesthetics detection algorithm that can see the beauty in photos the same way humans do. The team at Everypixel asked designers, editors and experienced stock photographers to help them generate a training dataset as an example. They tested 956,794 positive and negative patterns and programmed their algorithm to see the beauty of images in the same way as humans. What may come as a surprise is that stock image search engines have been around since the early nineteenth century, providing businesses and designers with professional photos. When it comes to attracting views and engaging an audience, visual material is imperative. Yet with so many stock images available on the Internet, more and more low quality, boring images seep into search engines. When designers and editors scroll through Everypixel no time is wasted with trashy images.


AppToolKit: An App monitor and Website builder.

For startups looking to embrace digital disruption, this an introductory app builder and monitor is good way to get off the ground before scaling.The AppToolKit by GoLocalApps lets app developers track and share their app reviews, create smart websites, and is fully integrated with the cloud. This allows companies to adjust app settings and features even after it's already been installed on users' devices. AppToolkit was created for non-technical app marketers and developers who want to manage their apps quickly and easily from one place.

PSL: Agile Software Development for Efficient Business

Conceptualizing, designing, developing and marketing a good or service is central to most businesses. Agile software development company PSL focuses on two lines of business — IT outsourcing services and the development of pre-programmed software products that can provide multiple uses to a business. Their development teams strive to find the intersection between a killer user experience and world-class engineering (security, scalability and performance).This is good news for companies that have already embraced digital transformation and are ready to scale-up.

Contact PSL and learn more about how we are disrupting normal software engineering practices to solve complex engineering challenges with some of the most talented developers in South America.

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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