No more time zone headaches. We provide software outsourcing development teams that deliver agile development services from nearshore centers in Latin America.

With 30 years of experience and 650+ engineers, we focus on open and transparent long term relationships, embracing your goals as our own.

Let us help you face your most complex software engineering challenges by deploying high performance nearshore outsourcing teams in your same time-zone.

Awards and rankings

Nearshore Software Development

Top 100 Outsourcing Companies Worldwide

(IAOP, 2019)

    Nearshore Outsourcing
  • Global Leader
  • Top Ten Outsourcing Companies Worldwide
  • Top Latin American Outsourcing Company
Offshore Development Center

Software Excellence Award

(European Software Institute)

Software Development Outsourcing

Watts Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award


Enhance your team with top-talent, cost effective, nearshore software development outsourcing services:

Agile custom software development services:

Get access to nearshore agile teams running best in class SCRUM within a DevOps mindset. We heighten quality and productivity using XP practices and continuous delivery.

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IT Outsourcing Services

We deploy stable, long-term and low churn nearshore outsourcing teams that become experts on your tech stack, achieving high productivity and lowering your software development time-to-market.

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Comprehensive outsourcing of Quality assurance support:

With our mix of intensive test automation (including test-driven development, API testing, UI testing, and performance testing, among others) and techniques such as exploratory testing, PSL can help you catch-up on technical debt and maintain high quality in your development efforts.

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DevOps transition and Cloud architecture design and implementation:

On the path to adopt a DevOps mindset? We deploy engineers that have embraced the DevOps culture and can help you design and implement cloud architectures, continuous delivery pipelines and elastic applications on state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, accelerating dramatically the business value of your software applications.

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psl in a nutshell...

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Years of experience

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Scrum + CMMI5

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Projects delivered to date


Information Week
Nearshore Americas

Software Outsourcing in your same

time zone


Team Augmentation

  • Augment your engineering bandwidth with teams in your same time zone.
  • Tackle new developments or maintain existing applications.
  • Leverage stable long-term teams of flexible size.

Website outsourcing projects

  • Entrust us with a business need that requires a software solution.
  • You guide Product Ownership, we provide the engineering to develop the software.
  • Once the project is complete, we can help maintain your app.

Quality Assurance

  • Augment your QA team with specialized testing staff nearshore.
  • Increase your automatic testing coverage.
  • Deploy rapid manual testing.

areas of focus

Enterprise Software

  • We are conscious your business will run on software we produce. Our teams will enhance your teams to help build and maintain line of business applications with engineering that is scalable, secure, and highly maintainable.

Consumer-facing applications

  • We build beautiful, yet robust, consumer facing applications that are SaaS-ready and can be continuously deployed. Leverage your existing budget by enhancing your team with our top nearshore talent for a faster time to market.

Mobile applications

  • Leverage our nearshore UX expertise. Through minimalist design and rapid execution, we create mobile applications that delight your customers in the Android and iOS space.

Reasons to trust PSL as your
nearshore / offshore software
development outsourcing partner:

Solid bilingual

Bilingual resources selected for their team culture and ability to communicate.

Top engineering

Access top-10-percentile engineering talent at a fraction of the US cost.

Best practices and

SCRUM best-practices marry CMMi 5 discipline to provide quality and agility.

Your IP is

ISO27001 compliant since 2010. Fortune 500 companies rely on our IP policies.

Strong team in
your time zone

30+ years experience. 500+ person team that is awake when you are awake.

We are in the Americas. We can be agile because we are awake when you are awake

evaluate us in less
than 4 hours

  • step 2

    Let's videoconference. In this initial conversation you can gauge if our know-how is relevant to your needs.

    Time invested: 40 minutes
  • step 1

    Drop us a line or give us a call. After you contact us we will get back to you within one business day.

    Time invested: 1 minute
  • step 3

    At this point, a relationship sounds promising. We provide some US references we have worked with that you can speak to directly.

    Time invested: 1 hour
  • step 4

    After reference check was satisfactory, we are in a position to sign an NDA and delve deeper into your technical detail. You meet our extended team.

    Time invested: 1 - 2 hours

After only 4 hours, you have an informed opinion of our capabilities and how we can help your specific needs...
A very reasonable time investment, we think, to solve your IT bottleneck!

Let's start a conversation!


Microsoft Partner
Oracle Gold Partner
IBM Business Partner
Google Partner
SalesForce Partner
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Some Of Our Clients


client quotes

Latest entries

PSL Corp
14 March 2019
Software Development
Lately, it's all about data, and it makes sense. With around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day and an estimated 163 zettabytes of digital data to be generated by 2025 , it's no wonder companies are rushing to make the most out of the information their users generate daily. But, leveraging this massive amount of data calls for very spe...
PSL Corp
12 March 2019
Nearshoring / Software Outsourcing
"If you're stuck or struggling with a technical aspect of your work, the entire team comes together to solve the problem. And there's always someone willing to help you; even if they're busy or have other things to do, they'll make time to guide you." by  Harim Pérez, Front-End Developer at PSL PSL's employees come from far and wide. Whil...
PSL Corp
11 March 2019
Nearshoring / Software Outsourcing
The world of IT outsourcing looks different from what it did a couple of years ago; as technology advances and businesses expand, what will the future bring for buyers and service providers?   We've looked at the future of IT outsourcing before and shared our thoughts, but in this rapidly changing world of emerging technologies and game-changi...
PSL Corp
08 March 2019
Nearshoring / Software Outsourcing
"At PSL you're allowed to have new ideas, you're encouraged to have them. You're allowed to be a human being. It's a place where we're all aware that you can be going through your own personal situation and it's okay to go deal with it, where you're trusted with your own time and your own schedule." by Sacilnallely Perez, Operations Analyst at PSL ...
Nearshoring / Software Outsourcing
Software Development
This is an excerpt from a n a rticle that first appeared on , written by Camilo Gómez. Camilo Gomez, Director of Business Development at PSL, shares insights gained from years of working with North American clients. These experiences have allowed him to become familiar with the many nuances in communication that come up when working ...
PSL Corp
04 March 2019
Software Development
In recent years there has been significant progress integrating security into software development lifecycles. However, software security is necessarily dynamic and evolving, which inevitably results in some fallbacks, too. The good news is that, as with any challenge, there are some positive lessons that can give us foresight into where DevSecOps ...


PSL services clients in modern platforms and Languages.
Although we cover a variety of technologies, we focus on:

Microsoft .Net
AWS Lambda
Microsoft Azure
IBM Watson