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Custom Software Development

With over 400 IT services engineers in Colombia and Mexico we are large enough to deploy massive enterprise applications, yet also nimble enough to deploy 2 to 3 person IT services teams, all under Agile SCRUM.


Mobile Application Development

Rapidly develop killer mobile apps with our "Mobile S.W.A.T." teams. Trained in accelerated prototyping and development, our teams are savvy in the construction of complex Android, iOS and Windows 8 applications that offer a beautiful and intuitive User Experience.


Staff Augmentation Services

Enhance your IT services bandwidth by deploying a dedicated group of bilingual software engineers in our nearshore premises. Our team can adapt to your processes, or suggest best practices to make sure your project is delivered successfully.


With accolades like these you know you’re on the right track

CMMi Level 5

PSL was the first company in Latin America to be assessed at level 5 of the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model, and the 9th worldwide to receive this accreditation.


ISO 27001 & ISO 9001

At PSL we take information security, data confidentiality and IP protection very seriously. For more than 20 years, we have worked with both Fortune 500 corporations and enterprising startups in over 17 countries, never having a single IP protection or data breach incident.  Being ISO 27001 certifies our commitment to managing your confidential information under world-class data protection standards.


IEEE / SPA Award

PSL is one of nine companies in the world to have received this prestigious accolade, joining giants like NASA Goddard Space Center, Raytheon, Hughes Electronics and Boeing Information Systems, among a few others.


ESI Software Excellence Award

The European Software Institute –ESI—recently awarded PSL with this prestigious award. The award, in existence since 2003 and granted by one of Europe’s most renowned software institutes, recognizes companies that have shown a significant and sustained commitment to embrace best-in-class software processes and practices.





January 2012

PSL has joined Google's Motorola Mobility PartnerSelect Program, which help us continue deploying successful end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions to both corporate and consumer markets based on Google's Android Platform. Together with Motorola Mobility, we're helping companies make business-critical decisions, streamline business processes and improve results using the Android platform (smartphones, tablets, etc.) .

Nearshore Americas

December 2011

Jorge Aramburo Siegert, PSL's CEO, was selected as one of the 2011 Nearshore America Power 50, a renowned list of important professionals who significantly contribute to the growth of the IT and Outsourcing Services industries throughout the Americas. "Aramburo Siegert has shown that with the right leadership, a Latin American company can leverage the potential of LatAm engineers to achieve world class software processes and services".

To view the complete Power 50 Listing, please click here.

1315841499 agency

September 2011

Kudos to our architecture team and administrative staff for the speed with which they deployed all the adaptations and renovations necessary to make the new Bogotá office a success. We are sure the new premises will be a great place for people to work from, and from which to deploy world-class services to Latin America and abroad.

Tholons Logo

March 2011

Tholons, one of the world's leading Strategic Investment and Outsourcing advisory firms, published a paper on Medellin's incredible transformation. With one of our largest development centers located in this incredible city, we echo Tholons's words:

"Medellin has come a long way. From being a city notorious for violent insurgence and narco trafficking, to what it is today - one of the most vibrant cities in Colombia and the Latin American region, serving as a melting pot for innovation and progressive business activity".

To read the white paper (PDF), click here.

logo ecopetrol

June 2011

For second year in a row, Ecopetrol, a Fortune 500 Oil and Gas giant with over US $ 20 billion in revenues, has chosen PSL as the service provider for its software development and software maintenance factory.

A Microsoft shop with an ecosystem of more than 620 applications, Ecopetrol constantly delivers a stream of new challenges and opportunities for PSL’s software development groups. At the moment, PSL is undertaking over 40 parallel initiatives with the company, ranging from the development of in-the-field software to handle oil and gas extraction and transportation, to the development of administrative applications for corporate headquarters.

We are excited to continue serving Ecopetrol’s needs, and helping propel the company into its ambitious growth strategy through the introduction of new Microsoft technologies (Azure, private cloud SaaS solutions, Silverlight).



August 2011

PSL is aware that keeping at the forefront of software engineering is no easy task. To stay sharp, we recur to the best the world has to offer. It is no different with the way we approach our knowledge of agile. For this reason, we hired Mitch Lacey (www.mitchlacey.com) as our head SCRUM coach. Having managed large teams under SCRUM for many years, Mitch has become a world renown SCRUM expert, advising clients of the stature of Microsoft, HP and Sybase in SCRUM best-practices.

During the month of August 2011, Mitch visited our company headquarters in Medellin, Colombia, to train and certify a group of over 60 PSL engineers in advanced SCRUM techniques. It was truly a pleasure to share with Mitch our experiences and challenges with SCRUM, as well as participate in the many real-world exercises that give life to his teaching and theory. We hope this will be the first of many productive visits of Mitch to our premises!

For those of you interested in learning more about Mitch and Agile, please check-out his upcoming book “SCRUM: a year one survival guide”.

September 2011

Can-Do IT in Colombia

Convergys announced an expansion of its Colombian operations with the opening of its second facility in Bogota, as well as future plans to continue expanding nationwide. Convergys is a global leader in customer relationship management, providing top quality customer care services for leading corporations in the Americas.

Convergys chose Colombia as the host of its new operations due to the country’s large bilingual talent pool and advanced telecommunications and transportation infrastructure. Read more here.