Nearshore synchronicity meets agile software outsourcing expertise.

Closer is better: Why outsource your software engineering to a different time-zone, when you can nearshore it in Latin America?

Same-time zone

PSL’s nearshore location overlaps 21 to 24 hours with all US & Canada time-zones.

Nearshore cultural alignment

Cultural differences with software development teams located in other continents can handicap a project. Our latin american based engineers are practical, transparent and forthright with issues, sharing ideas and information openly (including red-flags and admonishing their own mistakes!)

High English fluency

We facilitate communication by filtering for English when we recruit… Most of our engineers are bilingual or proficient in English to ensure there are no communication issues.

Ability to travel

Our nearshore Latin American locations boast over 400 weekly flights to main US cities, half of them direct. (And to boot, we are an exotic and fun destination to visit!)

Real-time communication

Problems can be better solved and challenges surmounted when your nearshore team is awake and available every time you pick up your phone, Skype or hop over to Slack for a quick chat.

Competitive rates

Our nearshore outsourcing rates are competitive with Eastern Europe and Asia.. being closer to your team shouldn’t cost you more and will add great value in expediency and collaboration!

Nearshore implies more seamless communication because we are awake when you are awake.

Nearshore software outsourcing provides advantages at no extra cost:

  • Nearshore interaction is faster and more rewarding,

    As it motivates exchanges via conversations rather than documentation.

  • Software projects benefit significantly from real-time communication with the product owner.

    Nearshore makes synchronic communication truly possible.

  • Nearshore travel is easier:

    Our Latin American destinations are 3 to 7 hours by plane from most principal US cities --with no jet lag!