PSL provides an accelerated time to market by deploying its services under world-class agile methodologies, including:

  • SCRUM-based nearshore agile development, managed by state-of-the-art pipeline and tools. Our agile nearshoring process is seamless, statistically controlled, and real-time transparent to the client with regards to status and risks.
  • Our Test Driven Development approach is fully centered on unit testing and continuous integration, providing unparalleled quality, while lowering maintenance costs now and in the future (PSL’s Field Error Rate is of less than 0.3 errors injected per KLOC, in software that has been operating for 18+ months at the client´s site).
  • We deploy services under a near local time zone, equivalent to US CST. This means we are awake when you are awake, project velocity increases, and you experience no jetlag when visiting our premises.
  • PSL is a “brand-name company to work for” for developers in South America, allowing us to retain the best bilingual talent in the region. Our low (less than 6%) churn rate is proof of our ability to motivate our people in the technical, professional and social dimensions.
  • 26 years in the market provide a track record of having handled some of the most complex software undertakings in Latin America, including the deployment of core software systems for multibillion dollar corporations.
  • We suggest ideas that generate true business value and superior user experiences –we do not limit ourselves to doing what we are told, but rather seek to generate debates on how to improve upon the client’s first take.
  • With us, any client can talk to our CEO and other C-level executives, at any time. We keep ourselves boutique so that this can happen.

If you see sense in our approach, and would like to learn more about how we would tackle a particular software engineering challenge, please contact us.